All Skin Types, Made with Cucumber Juice, Refreshing and Cooling


Shake & Spray 3 in 1 Moisturizer/Toner/Serum on the go!


Keeps your skin feeling refreshed all day long.


A proprietary infusion cucumber juice, sodium lacate, and comfrey plant.


What It’s For

Used to keep skin hydrated, feeling soft and silky. Cucumber is known to help cool down the skin and leave it feeling refreshed. Promotes hydration. Forgot your moisturizer/toner/serum combo today? No problem, just one spray is all it takes. Vitamin B5 helps the look of the skin by smoothing the texture.


How To Use It

Shake product to activate the comfrey plant. Close eyes and mouth, and gently spritz the face once or twice (for extra hydration). Avoid getting product directly into mouth or eyes.


Notice: Product is free of emulsifers and essential oils so the comfrey plant will settle on the bottom of the bottom. Just gently shake the product before using to activate the plant again.

Cucumber Juisk

Excluding Sales Tax

    Cucumbers are known to help reduce swelling and puffiness while aiding with acne-prone skin. Cucumbers also contain ingredients that aid with acne-prone skin and helps combat premature aging of the skin. Cucumbers also cool the skin and soothe irritation and provides a nice base for hydration.



    Sodium Lactate intensely hydrates dry and dehydrated skin and helps the skin retain water to assist in refining and nourshing the complexion. Will leave skin with a nice hydrated glow and maintain the PH levels.


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